Giorgio Sorel was born in Bologna in 1939;in 1945 he moved with his  family to Tuna, near Gazzola (Piacenza),where he still lives.During the Sixties he attended the course in Cinematography in Rome,and stopped it after some time to fully devote himself to painting.In the Sixties he started working as fashion and leather goods desingner;meanwhile,and in the following decade, he intensified his artistic activity moving toward Expressionism,with works that focus on man and his retalionship with existence.In the meantime he started experimenting with the use of different materials in the work of art.During the Nineties he refused to go the USA and London in order to start a more intensive and continuative exhibiting activity,wich inclused a number of one-man exhibitions and the participation in the collettive exhibitions,among which it is worth remembering the one-man exhibition in 1998 in Piacenza (La Meridiana art gallery),the one in 2000 at San Michele Cultural Centre in Milan,followed in 2001 by the a great exhibition at the Arthur Miller Gallery in Miami, USA.In 2003 a one-man exhibition was held in the foyer of the Verdi Theatre in Fiorenzuola (Piacenza) and another one in S°Agostino church,in Piacenza.As regards the collettive exhibitions, we need to mention those in the Netherlands in 1997 ,in Strasbourg in the same year,in  Geneva and Madrid in 1998, and again in Amsterdam in 1999.In 2001 the Artist partecipated in the Autumn Exhibition in Rome and the Biennals in Florence and Rome,where he was present in 2002 and 2003 as well.The Nineties were characterized by a  wide pictorial production dedicated to Holocaust themes, the Serb-Bosnian war and the so-called local conflicts.In the same period Sorel intensified the experimentation work,dealing with different materials and preparing for the fundamental themes,concerning man and his relationship with himself and the world,that have been marking Sorel's activity since 2000,with the aim of exploring interiority as a path toward one's most intimate and secret truth.Among the numerous publications dedicated to Giorgio Sorel's art we would like to mention the monographic essay(2004)by the art historians Lucia Miodini of CSAC in Parma,with texts by Luciano Carini, called “SOREL-In the magic Circle of Grace and Nightmare”,published on the occasion of the great anthological exhibition at Palazzo Farnese,Piacenza,and of the following exhibition(2006)at Cariparma e Vigevano Foundation.In 2007 Giorgio Sorel exhibited in Mantua at the Diocesan Museum,and in Cremona at the Town Hall and Ponchielli Theatre;in February 2008 he partecipated in the Art International Fair of Innsbruck.In the same year he exposed the first exhibition about the itinerant “Il Cerchio e la Shoah”, to Reggia di Colorno (Parma), and in October of 2010 Sala del Baraccano in Bologna, in January about the Memory's Day to Sala S°Rita Roma.


Mostre personali – antologiche

 1995. Grazzano Visconti – Piacenza

1997. Galleria Palma Arte – Alseno – Piacenza

1998. Galleria La Meridiana – Piacenza

2000. Centro Culturale  San Michele – Milano

2001.  Arthur Miller Gallery – Deefeld Beach – Miami – USA

2003. Foyer Teatro Verdi- Fiorenzuola d’Arda – Piacenza

2003. Arte Nativa Alternativa – S. Agostino – Piacenza

2004. Palazzo Farnese - Piacenza

2006. Fondazione Piacenza e Vigevano - Piacenza 

2008. “Olocausti”- Sala Alabardieri del Comune di Cremona

2009. “Il Cerchio e la Shoah” – Reggia di Colorno - Parma

2010. “Il Cerchio e la Shoah” – Baraccano - Bologna

2011. “Il Cerchio e la Shoah” – Sala Santa Rita - Roma

2012. " Altre Sperimentazioni" - Galleria Metamorfosi - Reggio Emilia


 Mostre collettive

1997. Hart Holland – Olanda

1997. Star – Strasburg

1998. Europ Art – Ginevra

1998. Arco – Madrid

1999. Kunstrai – Amsterdam

2001. Mostra “Arte D’Autunno” – Roma

2001. Biennale di Firenze

2001. Biennale di Roma

2002. Biennale di Roma

2003. Biennale di Roma

2003. Arte Nativa Alternativa – S. Agostino - Piacenza

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